Njordis is a venture capital and advisory company. We invest in seed to venture-stage technology companies, under the philosophy of ‘positive progress for humanity’. The Njordis board-members hold a variety of advisory board mandates at multinational-organisations and support senior executives tackling technology and general business challenges, managing crises, and help lead expansion into new markets.


Direct Investments

Njordis invests industry and technology agnostic – with emphasis on quantum-, blockchain-, healthcare- and bio-technologies – into organisations that are run by bold entrepreneurs taking on pressing challenges of our times. Njordis invests in seed- and early stage companies ranging from 50-500k€ and occasionally participates in larger rounds together with network and institutional partners.

Investment Pools

Njordis facilitates investment pools. Qualified partners, including individuals, may apply to join the Njordis Investment Network and gain access to opportunities.

We believe in unlimited progress and unleashing the potential of exponential technologies to tackle some of the most pressing challenges for humanity. Through our educational partners and investments we believe in the potential of "the Mensch" and see human growth as one of our core focus areas for creating prosperity for posterity


Njordis support organisations with growth and scaling, business model development and market entry or expansions.

Njordis support tackling technology and general business challenges, managing crises and help lead expansion into new markets and segments with a strong ecosystem of investors and partners in Europe with core expertise and networks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Nordics regions.